Hello there

Lovely to know you want to know a bit more about everything I’m doing/working on.

About the blog

I’ve been owning this blog for a while now, with ups and downs I can assure you: I still love writing. I mostly write about my own experiences, I know some posts are better and some are shitty, blame it on my mood. I also lost the time to write a lot as I used to and mostly it’s about my traveling and my vegan experiences abroad now. But if you took the time to read this page, I want to thank you, to read everything I put on here, to support me. My blog is mainly still, all over the place, I write about everything I’m passionate about.


About meĀ 

I’m Karen, nice to e-meet you! I’m a 26 years old female living together with my partner and two cats in a small town called Aalst, which is situated in Belgium. I’m currently working for DHL and I really like my job but I’m always looking for a new challenge, something more creative, which is why I made this blog and probably why my hobbies are taking pictures of nature and animals. No need to tell that I love traveling because honestly, who doesn’t? Oh btw, I also like everything Monica from friends kind of clean… I try to think about the environment, animals, and sometimes even people.