Hello there

Lovely to know you want to know a bit more about everything I’m doing/working on.

About the blog

The blog is mainly lifestyle which means it’s all over the place. I’ll be writing about beauty, fashion, hair, maybe even make-up? Traveling, places to visit, my experiences and tips and tricks. Everything you’ll be reading here is my opinion, it’s my style. I’m very excited for us to find out what this blog is exactly about!


About me 

I’m Karen, nice to e-meet you! I’m a 24 year old female living together with my partner in a small town called Aalst, which is situated in Belgium. I’m currently working for Ministry of Defense and I really like my job but I’m always looking for a new challenge, something more creative, which is why I made this blog and probably why my hobbies are taking pictures of nature and animals. No need to tell that I love traveling because honestly, who doesn’t? Oh btw, I also like everything Monica from friends kind of clean…