Vegan food guide: Berlin

I could notice my vegan food guide through Barcelona got a lot of visitors so here I am, with a vegan food guide for Berlin. I’ve been there last August, you can read all about it right here. But, I want to share where we’ve been as it was mostly a vegan food trip.

Brammibal’s donuts

Our first stop after hours of traveling, I must say, the donuts did somehow dissapoint. Was it the weather combined with how tired we were? Not quite sure. I would go there again, to try another one as they’re sold out on a daily base so maybe we just had a bad vibe?


I don’t remember the prices as my trip was in August 2018.


I love me some dumplings. You got vegan and veggie options as Femke isn’t vegan she wanted to try the vegetarian dumplings, the guy was really friendly and separated the vegan once from the vegetarian ones.


These were delicious, really refreshing, you get four sauces (all vegan) to dip your dumpling in. My favourite are the baked ones, I’d certainly go back here if I’m ever in Berlin again.

I don’t remember the prices as my trip was in August 2018.

Delabuu ice cream

First things first: there was a heat wave when we were in Berlin. After travelling for a while for Delabuu I was on the point that I almost fainted. This ice cream (and one litre of water) was the best way to get back to my normal self.

It was crazy busy, but the ice cream is insanely good. Maybe it was the fact that it was too hot to function or that I really needed something cold but this is hands down the best ice cream I ever had. I highly recommend this place.

I don’t remember the prices as my trip was in August 2018.

Lia’s Kitchen

Lia’s Kitchen is a very small restaurant without a toilet, this, however, is the only negative thing I can say about Lia’s Kitchen, I assume that Lia was the girl that served us, she was so friendly and helpful. If I ever go back to Berlin, I’d go there again but for a take away.

Seating is very limited, it’s better to reserve a table so you’re sure you have a place to sit.

I don’t remember the prices as my trip was in August 2018.

I also visited some other places but these were my vegan highs from Berlin. There is so much more to eat, to explore, to taste but you can only eat as much as you possibly can. And that is exactly what we did. We rolled all the way back to Belgium. I’m curious to try more vegan stuff on my future trips and to share them with all of you!

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