Travel: Barcelona, Spain

It seems as my blog is turning into a travel blog which was never the intention, but I feel most passionate writing about what I love. I just got back from my first trip in 2019 and I’m here to share my thoughts, as always!

Chic & Basic Zoo Hotel

Barcelona overall is a very touristy city which means, overpriced hotels. We booked our hotel with a very good deal in the centrum of Barcelona! The hotel only has one star, but it’s basically what it says, basic but chic and it certainly did not disappoint. The room was rather small but I wouldn’t mind staying there again if I ever go to Barcelona again.

On the first day we had two and a half hours of delay, so when we arrived at the airport, ate something, took a forty minute metro ride and a walk to the hotel it was already dark. We both took a relaxing bath after unpacking and walked to our first dinner. As always, we opted for a vegan place called Barceloneta, Sangria bar, it’s near the beach and such a small lovely place! More about that on my Barcelona vegan food guide post, next week.

On the second day we had a reservation for Park Güell, which was a bit overpriced, nothing special if you ask me, but maybe it was the fact that it was too busy that put that impression on me?

After our small hike to Park Güell we discovered that the bunkers of El Carmel had been just another (small) hike away, this was something I really wanted to do, but at first we wanted to do the hike just before sunset, but we were already halfway there.

The view from the bunkers are amazing, you can actually also go in the bunkers and learn a little about the history of Barcelona! I think this is definitely a must do when you are in Barcelona, take some snacks and water though, because it’s one hell of a hike that seems to be never ending. After that we got really hungry of course and on our way back to the hotel we had our lunch at 4pm at CatBarCAT. After our ‘lunch’ we took a nap, got ready for the night and impulsively got to a bar.

On day three we arrived rather drunk at our hotel around 2am, after being asleep for a while Femke woke me up because of the fire alarm that was going off, me, I would’ve slept through it I guess. After being in our hall for a half hour we got back to bed and needless to say we slept in, it was raining anyway. Time for brunch, at Casa do Açai Brunch & Coffee, after eating untill we almost vomitted, we decided to walk to the Cathedral of Barcelona and through the small but famous Gothic streets, it was still raining so we decided to head back to our hotel after that.

That’s most of our trip I guess. I know we could’ve done so much more, if the weather on day three was better, if the alarm didn’t go off, if we didn’t get drunk impulsively at a bar or if we just didn’t nap as much as we did, but I really enjoyed Barcelona. I’m certainly planning on going back once with Maxim, to visit and explore more about this lovely city!

Let’s do some math

Booking my flight at the end of September got me a great deal as it was only €46,97 with hand luggage! Our hotel was €171,32 without breakfast included for two persons. Besides that I spend €57.60 on transport, €315 on food and drinks, €21.50 on touristic attractions and €3 on shopping (lol) and souvenirs. That’s only €307.69 for four days of Barcelona for one person, which makes me happy!

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