Travelguide 2019

2019. A new year, no new me, just a new year with new destinations. Today I want to share my ultimate travel guide for this year with all of you, some of them are already booked and some of them I might not even do this year but at least I’ll have a list to finish in 2020.

Barcelona, Spain

In about twelve days I’ll be in Barcelona already, my friend and I saw a good deal at Ryanair back in October so we booked it immediately. Why is Barcelona on my list? Well basically, every country and city is but Barcelona is a very popular city trip destination and I wanna find out why it’s so popular, overrated or not? I’ll tell you all about it when I’m back!

Kraków, Poland

Another trip that’s already booked and planned. I always wanted to visit Auschwitz so that’s mainly one of the reasons why I’m visiting Kraków, it’s nearby. I hardly know anything about Polish culture but after my trip to Barcelona, I’m going to find out what and where to explore the culture.

Cochem, Germany

My parents invited my sister, her husband, my boyfriend and me to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary with them in Chochem, Germany. They’ve been there last year and liked it so much that they wanted to go again, with us. I am extremely looking forward to this as we used to go to Germany and Austria when we were kids and walk in the mountains which was so much fun.

Minsk/Gomel, Belarus

As some of you may know my boyfriend was born in Belarus, he spends his childhood in Gomel so that’s mainly the reason I want to visit that city, to see where he grew up, to get to know his family and spend some time with them. The reason I want to visit Minsk is that it was on the travel guide of Lonely Planet. The only problem; to visit Belarus I need to practise my Russian as it’s the only language they learn, same goes for meeting my boyfriend’s family.

Some other continent

Recently I travelled to Russia and it didn’t disappoint at all. The reason I travel is to discover how beautiful nature and the world can be but I’m also very interested in other cultures, all of them. I like having foreign friends because I wanna know more about the way they live, that’s why I wanna explore another continent, any continent. Currently trying to convince my boyfriend that Bali is a good deal but really, anything else would be okay too, as long as it’s outside of Europe, that’s the main goal.

The options are endless but, for now, thinking ahead of my trip outside of Europe I’ll keep it limited. There’s one place I always wanted to visit for its nature and that’s Croatia, if somehow somewhere we don’t end up going outside of Europe, that would be my destination of choice.

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