Travel: Roma, Italy

I spent last weekend in Roma and as always, I want to share the good and the bad with all of you! My first impressions of Roma weren’t really that good, we took the bus to Termini station and on our way there it was a bit disappointing compared to Saint-Petersburg. After three days I didn’t really want to leave so let’s get reading why I eventually I fell in love with Roma.

Hotel Marco Polo

We booked our trip with TravelBird and I mainly decided to book this offer as the hotel was near everything. The only problem was, it was very badly isolated, which means we woke up because of our neighbors walking/talking in the passage. Breakfast was also very poor, especially when you’re lactose intolerance. I book another hotel if I ever return to Roma but some might be happy with it if your neighbors aren’t too loud at 7am of course.

A walk to the Colosseum
After dropping our luggage at the hotel we decided to walk towards the centrum but ended up at the Colosseum, which is quite impressive but while walking there we came across so many beautiful places and we had this experience daily. Take a look at some of our sights.


Colosseum and Paletine
On our second day, we had skip the line tickets for the Colosseum, Paletine and Forum Romanum. Due to the bad weather, we eventually skipped Forum Romanum. Honestly, the Colosseum is really impressive, I would’ve liked to get a guide and learn more about the history but rain puts you in a bad mood, we just walked through it on our own. It’s definitely something you must see while you’re in Roma as it’s the biggest amphitheater ever build.

Palatine was up next, it’s just a small walk away from the Colosseum and it’s just a walk through ‘park’. I really enjoyed it, even with the rain, it might have made it the best day to visit because we were the only tourists that were stupid enough to go outside and visit something open air.
Somewhere to eat: Rifugio Romano

If you read my blog or follow me on Instagram you already know I’m very into eating vegan, I always look for new vegan places when I plan a vacation. One thing that came out highly recommended was Rifugio Romano. The website didn’t have an online menu and my boyfriend was already complaining about the fact that he has to eat vegan again, knowing that many vegan places don’t offer anything for omnivores. He has never been so wrong. Everyone can find something at Rifugio Romano and with those prices, we decided to eat there twice.

Let’s do some math
Flight + hotel was only €196,50 and booked with TravelBird! We spend €32,60 on transport, €260 on food and drinks, €130 on touristic visits and €50 on shopping. If we do the math, we’ve spent around €620 for a three day trip to Rome all inclusive for two persons, looks like a win to me!

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