This week I finally turned 25! One quarter of a century, it’s kind of a special birthday, or at least, to me. Today I’m sharing my birthday week with you guys, as some of you might not think this is very interesting, it was a very fun but exhausting week for me and I do want to share more personal stuff.


I think I can happily say that monday was the most boring day of my week, when I returned home from work, we did our grocery shopping and just enjoyed our home made dinner and before it was nine pm I was already tucked in bed.


After work my friend and me had a date in Ghent, we first got to Charline’s Closet but were too hungry to shop so we decided to skip after a quick look and took ourselves to Bavet, a spaghetti place near Kinépolis in Ghent.

I got the only vegan option and must say it was very good! After our dinner we went to the movies, we watched ‘A simple favor’, to be honest I didn’t really think it was a good movie but it wasn’t bad either..


Wednesday was also a bit boring, cooked dinner for myself, cleaned the house, made some vegan treats for my collegues at work, put new bedsheets on the bed and again, tucked myself in by nine pm.


The big day, I got a half day off so after getting lot’s of birthday wishes at work I drove home, bought myself some soup and then my parents came around with 25(!) presents, I’m a lucky lil lady.

After that my boyfriend came home with the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen, he knows my favourite color is lilac so he asked the florist to put in a lot! We took a small nap, chilled together and got ready for my birthday dinner, sushi!

I’m already craving sushi again, so if you’re sometime near Aalst, I highly recommend ‘De Hopmarkt Sushi’. After our dinner we were of to see a movie called ‘Niet schieten’ it was the avant-premiere so there were a lot of people. Niet schieten is a Flemish movie that happend in 1985 about murderers/gangsters that did a lot of shootings (Bende van Nijvel) and I must say, this movie is so amazing that I wanna see it again.


After work I picked up my friend from Spain in Brussels! It is so amazing to have her around really, we just made some soup and garlic bread and tucked our tired selves in by ten thirthy pm.


Woke up with Nao, did a little stroll around Aalst and talked so much our voices were tired by the evening. We had a quick lunch stop at Friends for her and had a lovely (vegan) milkshake at Sweet Mania.

After our 10k steps, we also needed to do some grocery shopping which was an adventure on it’s own (a lot of trouble getting on and off the parking). We made our dinner and tucked ourselves in around eleven thirthy pm.


Lazy day? I don’t think so. I do most of my chores on sunday so I baked some chicory while making Nao’s room ready, while also cleaning the litter boxes, vaccuuming, steaming and putting down our old carpet. After I (we) finished it was time to leave for a birthday celebration of Maxim’s mom.

After we came back home we just snacked the day away while watching Friends.

Do you always make a big deal of your birthday or not really? My boyfriend always tells me I’m the first girls he meets that her birthday is so important to her. But, I can’t help it, I really love birthdays, especially mine!

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