See the world on a budget

Six different trips in one year, how am I paying for that? Today I’m sharing my tips on how to travel multiple times a year without going bankrupt. Writing this today, I’ve already been to Cologne, Germany – Sotogrande, Spain (Gibraltar, United Kingdom) and Mahdia, Tunisia and in about two weeks I’ll finally go to Berlin, Germany!

Traveling on a budget reality

I’ve been to Matala, Greece last year for about €160 per person. What was included for seven days? Transport, flight, and bus ride to the hotel and breakfast. For this price, you can’t expect luxury, when you travel on a budget, your room is never going to be as fancy as the ones you see on Instagram. People probably spend around €900 per person for a hotel like that. Our room didn’t even have an air conditioner. So if you’re not in for some basic hotels, you can probably stop reading.

Do your research on flights

First of all, research is important, I spend quite a lot of time on this if I want to visit a country. I mostly book it when the price is the lowest, so you can’t be picky. I’m lucky to work at a place where I can take a day or two of vacation without it being difficult but, I do plan it two-three months ahead. I mostly start with Ryanair, is it cheaper to fly from Brussels or Charleroi? TUIFly also does very good deals sometimes but if you really want a low budget flight, Ryanair deals will help you out. If you’re looking to go to the USA, Canada or Iceland, WOWAir is amazingly cheap. There are SO many options, you really have to look everywhere, take your time to do your research. Berlin was the cheapest to book with Ryanair but for Saint-Petersburg, we decided to go with Brussels Airlines, this because we don’t want a layover and to be honest I don’t think €380 for two persons isn’t that much for going to Russia.

Do your research on ho(s)tels

I almost always go to because this is one of the best websites to match your wishes. When going outside of Europe, you’ll probably want free WiFi, near to the city center, … Here’s a tip if you end up booking your hotel at ask some of your friends if they have an account too, they can share a link with you, if you book it with that link, you’ll both get €15! (Or use mine: save money) If you think you found your ho(s)tel, the best thing to do is to do some more research, Tripadvisor is great for this. You get pictures of tourists who stayed at this hotel and, get real reviews. After this, you can look the ho(s)tel up, is it cheaper to book on their own website? Or with another travel company? Trivago and Expedia are great to help you book the cheapest way.

Keep an eye out for amazing deals

I get so many e-mails, am subscribed to so many travel agencies that I get deals directly in my mailbox. I got an e-mail from Travelbird last week with a very good deal, Roma, Italy starting at only €79 and that’s why we’re going to Roma. Who can say no to a deal like that? Travelbird even offers you to pay in two or three times so if you’re a bit short on money while the deal is amazing, no worries. We didn’t really plan on visiting Roma this soon, I mean, of course, it was on our travel list but, we’re very happy we’re going in December!

Next trips: costs

I’m happy to share with all of you how much I already spend on my next three trips. Berlin was around €50 for the hostel, same goes for our flights (Ryanair). For food and other stuff, I’ll be taking €200 with me (this doesn’t mean all of it will be spent). I’ll be writing a blog post about my city trip to Berlin and will include what I’ve spent. Let me know if you’d always like to know this in the comment section! I just booked a trip to Roma, Italy, and Saint-Petersburg, Russia this week. Roma was a very good deal as I said before, we only paid €180,50 for two persons, breakfast and flight included. Because I’m turning 25 this October and I am that extra, we’re going to celebrate it in Saint-Petersburg! As I mentioned before, our flight was about €380 and we’re still deciding on hotels but I must say, hotels in Saint-Petersburg aren’t really expensive, I already found some decent ones for only €150 (three nights)

So I think that’s about it, I love planning to travel, after booking the cheapest flight, I start looking for hotels and once that’s booked it’s just the countdown and planning on what to visit, where to eat! I can’t wait to visit Berlin and tell you all about it.

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