Extended our little family

You know it’s getting serious when you start extending your family. After my precious baby Dobby died in 2016 we decided to adopt a new kitten together, split all our costs, just like we’d do if we had a baby. This, felt like a really big step for me because I do actually see pets as my kids. They’re the best part of coming/staying home.

On 10 October 2016 Ella came into our lives.
001 (3017)
Ella is a special one, a very scared and stressed cat. Once she knows you, you’ll be loved like you’ve never loved before but you’ll need a lot of patience for that. She’s finally (after almost two years) not hiding anymore from my parents whenever they visit.

On 20 July 2018 Kiwi came into our lives.

Kiwi is certainly not the same as Ella. She doesn’t care if someone rings the doorbel, she doesn’t feel scared around new people, she likes the attention. She does follow me around the house and loves to play with Ella.

Two weeks?
After trying to adopt an adult cat who attacked Ella we were kind of scared to even adopt another cat but, my boyfriend was all in and said it would be different with a kitten. Me, personally gave it two weeks, if there was no progress after that, we’d have to find a new home for Kiwi.. This isn’t necessary however and my heart couldn’t be happier. At day one there was already an interest from Ella and now, a week later, they’ve became friends. I try to give Ella more attention because she might feel left out at times as Kiwi is ALWAYS by my side and Ella likes to watch from a distance.

They like to play together, sleep next to each other (with a save space between them), they also give each other some room, sometimes Ella is a bit too rough with Kiwi as they’re playing but everything is going great. Next week I’ll be sharing some other personal news, it’s a big one, I’m really nervous about right now.

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