OOTD – Vacation

If you follow me on Instagram or maybe even here you already know that I visited two countries last month, both with tropical weather. I recently bought some new summer clothes and today I’m sharing my favourite vacation outfit with you.


I bought this dress at Charline’s Closet and to be honest with you, I really wasn’t sure about it for the first few weeks. It was a bit too big and I never actually owned a maxi dress but right now, I’m absolutely loving this dress. (If you wanna buy this dress, it’s sold out at Charline’s Closet but I found the exact same dress at Elle Milla, also available in black)

The benefit of this dress it that you can wear it to any occasion, beachday? No problem, strolling around the city? I got you? Going on a date night? Here I am again. You can also combine it with a belt if you like to show of your waiste, I’m still looking for one that matches the dress.


I was never the girl with a lot of bags but I fell in love with the bali bag, before I left for Tunisia, I had to get it and Subdued helped me out. They’re a perfect match with my shoes, which I got at Ken, a Belgian shoe store. Overall I’m very happy with this look and will be wearing it a lot, what did you think?

**Disclaimer: I bought everything in this blog plost myself**

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