Travel: Mahdia, Tunisia

Tunisia. A country that never made it to my travel list and to be honest, I was right. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Tunisia has a lot to offer for some but I think I missed out on that. Maybe I visited the wrong hood? Let’s look back on my vacation.


As we arrived at the airport, it started pouring rain. After a two hour drive (never doing that again) we made it to the hotel. First impression on our way to the hotel: dirty country. I never saw a nice view, sure not every part of a country is beautiful but all we could see was dirt, unfinished building, dead sheeps, alive sheeps waiting for their dead next to their friends corpses.. Not a great way to win me over, Tunis.


On day three we visited the city Mahdia, after a ten minute drive our cab dropped us off at the market. Again, this disappointed me too. I was expecting a real market, with fruit, vegetables, clothes maybe but, it looked like a second hand market. Kids toys, lot’s of it, rings, sunglasses, nuts, again, kids toys and again: animal abuse. I never felt safe walking this market, I always kept an eye on my boyfriend and tried to ignore the looks that made me feel like an object.

Day four was boat time, a guy on the beach sold us this and normally I always love doing things like this. The boat was okay but we didn’t visit anything special, we were supposed to see dolphins and I know, they can’t order some dolphins but I’ve never seen one and really wanted to see wild, free ones. After that they took us to a swimming spot, or just like a little outside of Mahdia, nothing special, again: disappointing


After that we decided Tunisia isn’t the country to travel and explore so we decided to enjoy the rest of our stay at the beach of our hotel, El Borj. The hotel was okay, the trip wasn’t expensive so you don’t expect anything fancy of course. But after all, I’m sorry to say this but I don’t recommend traveling to Tunisia and of course, I’m never going back.

Have you ever been to Tunisia? And what did you think?

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