Recipe: healthy mac’n’cheese

Fun fact: I’ve been a vegetarian for a big period of my youth. After realizing I’m eating  dead animals, I just stopped doing it. I think about five years later I had a big shortage on B12 because I was young, didn’t knew much about being a vegetarian and mainly survived on the four vegetarian ‘meats’ that the store had. I had to get daily injections for a couple of weeks and started eating meat again.

Now, I’m 24 and veganism is the new carnivorism and I’m loving it. Two years ago I learned that I’m lactose intolerant, so I cut out all dairy products, together with being already a difficult meat eater I got more interested in veganism, not only for the animals and for myself but also for our environment.

After a lot experimenting, a lot of failures, I’m getting there. Today I’m going to share a healthy veganized mac’n’cheese. I’ve always been a big lover of this (unvegan) dish so I created a plate!


What do you need to make this?

  • One pan
  • Two cooking pots
  • A kitchen robot

What do you need for four persons?

For the pasta

  • 250GR Mushrooms
  • One broccoli
  • Coconut oil
  • Vegetable stock
  • And ofcourse, pasta of choice

For the sauce

  • 3 Medium potatoes
  • 1 Carrot
  • 1TBSP Nutritional yeast
  • Salt and pepper
  • 60ML Soy milk
  • One glas of pasta water

How do you make this dish?

This is more complicated and you probably need to run to the store to get some nutritional yeast or soy milk if you’re not used to cooking vegan. First of all peel the potato and carrot unless they’re bio, crack the carrot in two, put some holes in the potato’s with a fork, put them in an oven dish with some water and put them in the microwave for about fiveteen minutes or untill they’re cooked. Cut the mushrooms and broccoli in small pieces. After that, take the two cooking pots and fill them both with water. Add some vegetable stock to the broccoli and let it cook till they’re soft. Follow the package instructions for the pasta. While you’re doing that, heat up the pan with some coconut oil and start baking the mushrooms add some salt and pepper if you’d like. It’s all cooking so while that’s going on you can make the cheese sauce! Keep track of time and stir in the mushrooms occasionally. Your mircowave should be finished by now, drain them to loose the water. After that, add every ingredient to your kitchen robot and let him do the work, after that you can taste and see if you like what you just made! You can always add more spices or pasta water if you the sauce is too thick for you. Once your broccoli, fusilli and mushrooms are finished you can drain them and put them together in the biggest cooking pot (saving dishes) with the cheese sauce. Your dinner is finished now, enjoy your meal!

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