Follow my fit journey part two

I’m so excited to show off my hard work that I did the last two months! While you’re reading this I’m probably laying on the beach, showing this body off. And I’ve done some extras to get my body ready for this impulsive trip to my friend.

When the weather started to be amazing, I got a bit out of my routine, it was too hot to do a work out or cook a decent meal and after a week of going back to my bad habits I said to myself, girl if you wanna feel comfortable at the beach you gotta work for it. So I did.

I think it’s very important to mention how important is it to do your workouts correctly. I see a lot of people acting like they know it all while they don’t. Doing your workouts wrong can be very damaging to your body. Be aware if you do your routine slowly and focus on doing it correctly, you’re probably better off. Don’t try to smash ten sit-ups in ten seconds, take your time to perfect it.

Helping hand

At the end of April, I started using a detox juice by Body & Fit together with another set of Tégreen capsules. I must say they both helped me a lot, or maybe it was just my work but it’s always nice to know you’re not doing ALL the work. I also made a lot of homemade healthy lemonades with lime, ginger, mint leaves, green tea and some maple syrup for a sweet touch. I also bought two vegan books, one for desserts by Madam Bakster and one from Bosch, they’re both helping me stay on track.

My favourite work outs

I like to work out together, nevertheless my boyfriend and I always seem to end up in an argument because ‘I’m not trying hard enough’ and ‘Give up easily’ so we try to do only one together and motivate each other. But I do most of my work outs at home but recently started going to the public park. Playing some volleyball, doing some cardio, with this great weather you can’t really stay inside.

I did share some before pictures at my fit journey part one, so today, I’m sharing my progress pictures. I really love that I already see some improvement, I must say I feel a lot better already but I’m using these last ten days trying to get in the best shape possible.

I’ll be sure my next update will contain a little-lost progress as I don’t plan on dieting on vacation but, swimming and walking counts as working out, doesn’t it? I’ll share everything with you guys next month!

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