Follow my fit journey

A new topic. My body. The last years I became very unhappy with the way my body got fluffier. I look at pictures from three-four years ago and I miss that body, even when I was never happy with my shape, but since the beginning of April I started working on myself.

First of all, I don’t like half nude pictures of me online. That’s why I’m wearing tight clothing. This picture was taken the first week of April, I was very unhappy with just about everything in this picture but I’m uploading it anyway.

Working on myself

I started April with a bicycle ride of 20KM which I was so proud of. My goal was to work out 1-2 times a week, which I certainly achieved every week until today. If it’s not a bicycle ride, it’s a group class, some fitness or going for a swim. I try to do everything local with my bicycle or walking to my destination, this isn’t only good for my body but it also helps the environment.

I didn’t only work out of course, I also started eating healthier. I cook everyday at home with fresh ingredients but I started to add more vegan or vegetarian days, not only for my body but for the animals and again, the environment. I do still eat meat but I’m trying to just eat it two times a week, which is a big difference than just having one vegan day.

Helping hand

I also got a bit of help due to a collaboration with JuiceJunkies! It motivated me twice as hard to keep going and stay healthy in an easy way. JuiceJunkies is currently only available in The Netherlands and Belgium but who knows what the future will bring? I’m posting a blog post dedicated to them this month, but believe me when I tell you it’s good!


After a whole month of eating healthy and frequently working out I must say I’m already happy with the results, my stomach is less bloated, it’s getting in shape again but I’m hoping my legs will make some more progress as they’re still touching, which I hate and keeps me from wearing shorts, dresses or anything that makes me aware of that fact.

I’m just going to continue the same way and share another update in the beginning of June! I’m leaving for a sunny holiday in June so I can’t stop now, I want to lay on the beach without worrying about my body and negative thinking. Hope you can spot some difference! If there’s any interest in my work out routine (it’s really not a routine, I just do whatever speaks to me most) or my food diary I’ll be happy to share!

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