Our new home

Finally! In November 2017 we decided we were sick of our apartment, mostly our neighbors who fight at the most ridiculous hours and have no shame about it. We’re staying in Aalst and found a lovely apartment with a garage, only a street away from our old place. After a lot of packing, stressing, organizing, cleaning, unpacking, disassembling, putting it back together, unpacking and some more cleaning everything is finished and I’m so happy about it.

As we moved in to our first apartment we didn’t really spend a lot of money on the interior as we didn’t plan on staying there and we’re still on a budget. I think we managed to buy everything we wanted, maybe some more shelfs will be added in the future but for now it’s perfect.

I got my beautiful cupboard from Jysk, a store that’s sort of like Ikea and I’m a big fan! It weighs a lot (yes, everything) but it’s good quality and comes with handy instructions.

I did manage to convince my partner to get a beautiful hanging chair which I’m absolutely in love with. I’m still trying to change our tv cabinet and coffee table as it doesn’t really go with what I have in mind but my partner doesn’t has the same need to make everything match like me, oops.

Welcome to my happy place. I’m so happy with this new kitchen and I even have a dishwasher! I tried to make this place functional instead of being instaproof. I’m very happy with all the space and the fact that it’s an open kitchen. We only bought new chairs as for our old apartment we bought the cheapest and the most uncomfortable ones, these are from Lidl and I’m absolutely loving them, the quality is so good for a cheap price.

A bath! You really don’t need more to convince me, I’ve been a bath girl since forever and never showered, until we moved into an apartment with only a shower. I really missed this. The bathroom is so big in comparison with our old one, so we’re both so happy. I’m in love with our bathroom and how cosy it looks, light up some candles and you’ll find me in the tub!

This might be my favourite room. I bought myself a bedside table at Jysk because I lacked one with a drawer. We decided to put our wardrobe in our ‘closet-room’, this is a room filled with mess, laundry and closets, so that this mess is out of sight. I did decide to put the clothes I wear the most on clothes rack to show them off.

With this new fancy apartment where home really feels like home, I’ll be blogging a bit more about interior! I’m looking forward to those kind of posts as I’ve been following interior accounts for a while on instagram and I wanna show off my new place, I’m so happy to be sharing this with you today because now I can start posting more! I didn’t wanna spoil anything so I kept it offline.

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