An economic bottle

One of my New Years resolutions was being more economic, why? Because we only have one planet and we need to take care of the one we’re living in. Currently we’re doing no good and that’s a world wide shame, I believe it’s already a little too late to go back to the planet we had 50 years ago but we can definently still try to do so.

That’s one of the reason I bought an economic bottle, you’re probably wondering what this is. It’s a stainless steel bottle, bpa free. I did a lot of research before buying one as I am quite difficult, it needs to be able to carry atleast 1 litre as I plan on taking it to work daily. I decided to go for One Green Bottle because they offer big beautiful bottles with a straw-system. I drink more when I use straws so that’ll be good for me too.


I’ve only been using for a couple of days but I am a big fan from the first minute, I use it at home too, it’s better than always refilling my glass and my cat can’t drink from my water anymore. I always use tapwater because I believe it’s as healthy as bottled water.


I think it’s safe to say that this is already my best purchase of the year! I definently recommend buying a stainless steel bottle too, if you’re a fan of the straw system I highly recommend purchasing one from this brand.

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