Helping you out – Christmas edition

Last week I showed you how I decorated my Christmas three, my way of wrapping presents and why and how I still write Christmas cards. This week I’m showing you which movies you should definently watch, I’m also helping you out with presents and sharing what I think you should be wearing on Christmas eve and day!

What to watch

Assuming that all of my readers got a Netflix subscription here are the best Christmas movies on Netlfix right now and yes, I watched them all. The things I do for my blog.. Oh I’m not sharing the obvious ones because they’ve already been watches a thousand times!

A Christmas PrinceKnipsel.PNG

This isn’t my favourite Christmas movie because the movie didn’t make me feel as a Christmas movie, it’s filmed during Christmas time but apart from that there’s no link to it. It was a very cheesy movie, with ofcourse.. a happy ending.






What to buy

As some of you struggle with buying gift I’m going to share some things that I would love and would give too! These are small Christmas gifts as that is the tradition in my family. If you want to buy something, click the picture and it’ll lead you to the onlinestore!

Gifts for females






Gift for males


Gift for couples




What to wear

Personally, I’m very fond of Christmas because it’s a family holiday. Due circumstances I’m not celebrating Christmas eve for the very first time with my family but with my partner and a friend who’s like family. I never understood celebrating Christmas in another place then home, that’s why my perfect Christmas outfit is something comfy and Christmassy. Interested in buying what I would wear? Click the images below



To be totally honest this looks like the perfect outfit to celebrate Christmas in to me. I love the little Christmas balls earrings, they give the look a touch up!

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