Let’s get in the Christmas spirit!

Sunday. December. There’s no better time to get you in the Christmas spirit, if you aren’t already. I’m a Christmas kid, I love Christmas, the cozyness it brings and the time spend with your family or friends. Today I’m showing you how I decorated my house, how I have my own way of wrapping presents and writing Christmas cards (yes, I definently still do this, every year)



Although every year the fact that I struggle every year with decorating the house and our Christmas three, I love doing it. It’s just never enough for me. This year I decided to decorate the three with gold and red with a bit more red then gold! I bought plastic Christmas balls because I got a cat who destroyed more then a dozen balls last year. Side fact: I suck big time at putting lights in the three and I know it’s un even but I don’t mind.


I try to put out more then just a Christmas three, last year I worked with fake snow, which you can now find under the three instead of on our chimney. As my partner recently mentioned he likes our house decorated minimalistic, this is what I whent for.

Wrapping presents


This is the part I get most exited about. I love giving, choosing presents and I absolutely love spending the evening wrapping the presents I got. Today I’m not sharing which presents I got but how I wrapped them!


I always put a lot of effort in, try to wrap them as perfect as possible, add some beautiful ribbon and some decoration together with a name tag! Most of my evenings in December are spend on wrapping and looking for the perfect gift while shamelessly singing along to Christmas music.

Writing Christmas cards

I know it’s old school, most people of my age probably don’t even bother sending out Christmas cards but I love writing Christmas cards. Every year I spend (way too much) time on personalizing Christmas cards for the people who are most close to me. This is something all of my friends look forward too.

I personalize the cards with text, I tell them how much they mean to me, what I loved doing with them in the past year and what I wish them in the new year. It’s a really personal card, not a poem you can find on the internet. This way is the best. I am very thankfull for my close friends and family who’re always there for me and this is my way of telling them!


Next week I’m showing you how to get the perfect presents, which movies you can’t miss to prep for Christmas and what you should be wearing on Christmas eve and day so stay tuned!

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