What have I been doing?

When I started my blog in March I had a very organized schedule: one blog post every weekend and if there’s a holiday, there’s an extra post. I was on schedule until August, where I didn’t find the time to write as much as I used too. Missing at least on so many scheduled posts makes me want to catch up with you guys.

What have I been up too since I’ve been missing out on writing?

Well as you know I’ve been to Malaga in August which is where everything changed a bit, my partner, who I live with got ill. He had strong headaches that lasted weeks, together with some sort of insomnia and other things. This happened while I was in Malaga and is finally getting better. I’m guessing it’s dedicated to stress mostly. This obviously affected me too because I wanted to be there for him more than writing blog posts or spending my evening on my phone.


During this period I also got tired of Instagram too, I gained a lot of followers daily that made me reach 15K but as every Instagram user knows, they’re not all real followers. I got sick of posting a picture which only got 400 likes while I had 15K followers so I decided to make a new one, same name, same concept but this is where I lost the interest of companies to work with me.


My sister also recently got married, which has been an adventure too. I was in charge of planning the bachelorette party, which consumed a lot of time. On the side, I was still looking for the perfect dress until a week before the wedding but everything was perfect after all. It was really a beautiful day, filled with love and happiness!


After those few busy months came to an end I decided to restart blogging again but that was also around the moment my laptop crashed out of the blue. Because I didn’t really know what the hell happened and it was already a rather old laptop, I decided to buy a new one. Which is the Lenovo Miix 320 2-in-1. A laptop and tablet all in one, what more could I ask for?


We’re also currently busy with life and big changes, but I’ll update you when the time is right! Hope to talk to you again next week and thanks for staying during my offline time!

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