Travel: Lille

Last weekend I spend my weekend in Lille, that is also the reason why there wasn’t a blog post. Normally when I’m out of the country, I ask someone else to blog for me but it was very last minute so I couldn’t find anyone. Anyway, time to catch you up on my short trip and why you would wanna visit Lille.

Our first stop was the very first (and only) dog café in Europe, Le Waf. I’ve been asking my boyfriend since our first year together to go to Lille just to visit the dog café and we finally got to go. We made a reservation at 11AM and when we arrived the owner gave us a quick information about all the dogs.


You pay €5 per person and you have unlimited access to all sorts of drinks, which I personally love. If you’re a bit hungry you can pay €3 extra and eat all the sweets you want. The only downside to this café is that the sweets aren’t vegan or dairy-free. There are currently seven dogs and three of them are up for adoption!


After we visited Le Waf, we did a walk to the Citadel park, which is so beautiful. Autumn has always been the prettiest season when all the leaves start to change colour and cover the world in all kind of colours. It’s just lovely to walk through and make me instantly happy.


After a long walk to the old town of Lille, we were starving. But, we always have the same problem when we’re out of town: we’re too picky (or I am) and when we find something we like, there’s a long waiting line. After walking for another hour we found a cute place called L’arrière-Pays which I recommend if you want to try typical French food! (We were so hungry that I forgot to take pictures)


After our lunch, which we finish around 3PM, we walked back to our hotel to check in and I immediately fell asleep for an hour, oops. After my nap, I woke up with a big headache and it was already 5PM, we wanted to do some shopping so we hushed to EuraLille, which is an enormous shopping centre. With my headache and the very crowded shopping centre we didn’t really do much shopping because I felt very anxious, instead, we decided to go for an evening walk.


Because my headache got worse we decided to go back to the hotel and go out again around 9PM for dinner at Chez Max, we chose this place because it was very nearby and had a good rate at Tripadvisor. The place was very dark, so again, I have to disappoint you about food pictures. I highly recommend this place, the waiter was so kind and helping us out translating!


The next day wasn’t really too exciting, we both had very painful feet, my headache was still there and we didn’t get a lot of sleep thanks to a very loud party near our hotel. So that was my trip to Lille.

Have you ever been to Lille or are you planning to go soon?

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