OOTD – Birthday (autumn)

Last Wednesday I celebrated my 24th birthday and I did it in style! Today I’m showing you what I did and what I wore, credits for the pictures and the patients go to my beloved boyfriend and were taken with my iPhone 6 so don’t expect a lot of quality.

Because there is really not much to do in the city where I live we decided to visit Ghent for the day. It’s a half hour drive and the city has so much to offer! We first wanted to go to PLUS+ Gent but it was a long walk from where we were and we were hungry!

We decided to go to DreamCATchers and see if there was still room for us. It was my second visit at DreamCATchers but the first time for my boyfriend. All the cats were sleeping and my boyfriend didn’t like it. We both got a mint tea and an apple pie, I got this because they assured me it was dairy free but, the moment we were shopping I suddenly had really bad cramps and felt betrayed. The apple pie was very good though, just not worth the pain.

After spending a half hour on the toilet, I tried to recover from this as fast as possible. My boyfriend was already hungry and wanted to start eating but I had really bad cramps. This is such a shame and I felt like going home.


But of course, we stayed. There’s no place for cooking on my birthday so I got to pick a restaurant. Normally I always go for Amadeus, where I mostly eat when I’m in Ghent but I wanted something else this time. My final decision was between Sticky Fingers BBQ and ‘t Fondueloft. As I wanted to try them out both, my boyfriend decided for me and Sticky Fingers BBQ it was!

As some of you know I have an allergy to dairy but the reason we choose this restaurant is because they have an allergy-card which I think, every restaurant should have. I’m a really big nacho lover but couldn’t order these so I got the onion rings, which I wanted to try for so long but never had the opportunity! My boyfriend got the Sweet Maple & Honey chicken wings.

By this time my cramps were nearly gone thanks to the alcohol and delicious onion rings. I got a Smoked & Grilled rib combo which was way too much for me, I feel so bad when I can’t finish my plate but I tried to eat as much as I could. My boyfriend got the Amaretto & Cherry ribs, which were very sweet but not my cup of tea, I prefered my order (luckily). We also got some sides, fries, mixed salad and sweet corn.

I had a very nice birthday and am very happy to be sharing it with you guys! I’m not the party girl, I like to spend my birthday with my boyfriend and/or family. Let me know if you like this kind of blog updates!

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