Travel: Malaga, Spain

Holaa, estoy en casa! I hope you enjoyed my guest blogger Eva last week and let me know when you try her lovely recipe.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already saw where I’ve been. I’ve been to Spain, for the very first time in my life! Last year a good friend of me moved to Malaga and I decided it was time to visit and catch up on her life in Spain.


Malaga is situated on the Costa Del Sol, for someone who hasn’t visited Spain yet everything was new. Conclusion: Malaga is a big city with a lot of tourists, beautiful weather, great food and good Spanish vibes.

The downside of my time in Malaga: there was a feria while I was there. What’s that you might wonder? It’s like a Spanish carnival, a lot of people on the streets, dancing, drinking, enjoying life but for me, that’s way too crowdy and I don’t like drunk tourists at all.


Plot twist, I never ate anything Spanish. I never tried churros, paella, tortilla or patatas bravas. The only thing I did already try was sangria but the one in Belgium isn’t quite as good as the one in Spain. If you’re a food lover like me, you’ll definitely enjoy Spain and the food it has to offer, I liked everything I tried and am already googling Spanish restaurants nearby.


Because I stayed with my friend and her boyfriend I had the opportunity to live as a local. We often took the car to go to a local beach where no tourists were in sight. I also visited a beach in the city and didn’t quite like it. The beach was filthy (you’re an asshole if you leave things on the beach), the sea was even worse. I scratched myself twice on plastic in the sea. So if you plan on going to Malaga, rent a car, doze off to a more private beach.


We went sightseeing for one day, we visited Alcazaba, Teatro Romano and Gibralfaro. We all did this in one day and maybe even the hottest day of my stay. The hike to the castle of Gibralfaro at 5 pm is not such a good idea as it is very high and exhausting. The pricing, however, is very cheap, we paid €7.20 to visit Alcazaba and Gibralfaro, Teatro Romano was free (there isn’t really a lot to see) I definitely recommend Gibralfaro, as the view is breathtaking and it could be a lovely climb on a cloudy day.

The sad thing is: I couldn’t visit everything I wanted. For example, I didn’t get the time to visit the Mercado, which I really wanted to see. Guess I’m going back soon. But overall, Malaga really has a lot to offer. You can go to the beach, explore the city, do some shopping, have a very nice meal, explore the musea, visit a food market, enjoy your siesta, visit the buildings, castle’s and enjoy just wandering around.

Have you ever been to Malaga or are you planning to?

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