Vegan Hotspot: Madam Bakster

Yesterday I finally had the honor of visiting Madam Bakster. It’s been on my list for months but I never actually got to go due to circumstances. What is Madam Bakster? It’s a 100% vegan bakery situated in the middle of Gent. As I’m intolerant to dairy this place is a gift from above because I can’t even remember the last time I had a piece of pie.

*Foto buitenkant*

They recently added a brunch menu apart from their lovely pies. There is so much choice and I wish I could’ve eaten everything on the menu. I decided to take a pie called ‘Raymond’ because one of them really sounded and looked delicious. My mom was there with me and tried one named ‘Heidi’.


It was very busy around the time we arrived so we shared our table with another lady. I really liked the taste of ‘Raymond’ as it’s everything I like in a pie, it has chocolate and raspberries, what more is there to like? The pie gave me a really full feeling which is also a plus. My mother liked her pie better then she liked mine (we tasted each other’s pie, of course) and said that she felt full but not too full. On the side we got some caramel popcorn and let me tell you, that was delicious!


As I wanted to try other things too, I decided to take some home with me. I got a piece of the ‘Camille’ pie because I was very curious about the taste. As I wanted to buy the place empty my mother had to stop me but I did get a ‘Filip’ muffin, the caramel popcorn called ‘Charlie’ and some pieces of ‘Ludo’, a caramel-chocolate bar.

I am absolutely in love with this bakery and will definitely be back to try the new brunch menu!

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