Health: BioBites

Let’s start with a fact: I gained weight. I hate admitting it but, it’s true. Since I started living together with my partner, after my vacation in June some people at work noticed too which made me feel even worse and the fact that my one-year-old jeans do not anymore is also heartbreaking. Gaining weight is very difficult for me and also very triggering (because I used to have an ED) so I need to lose the fluffiness, the right way.

I’ve had the honor of receiving healthy crackers from BioBites, I mostly used these at lunch time because I always ate bread, which isn’t bad but also maybe isn’t good. I received all their available products, which are six different flax seed crackers and two different kinds of cookies.


These are the first three I tried and all have two crackers inside of it. Personally, I do think they all taste weird but that’s maybe because I’m not used to eating flax seed. There’s not much to say about the natural one because that’s what it is, it has no taste but goes perfectly with some guacamole. The Mexican one does personally I like the most because it’s a bit salty and goes great with some hummus. I didn’t really like the Rosemary but that’s because I never did.


I was most excited to try the cookies and they did not disappoint. You have to be a fan of coconuts otherwise you won’t like them. The chocolate chip cookies are a bit dry but I love the taste. The chia/chai cookies are my favourite again because they taste saltier.


The bigger packets all have four flax seed crackers with three different flavors. My personal favorite was the Italian because I liked all the flavours that it had.

On the side of these boxes comes a tip what you can eat on them, I didn’t had time to try that but if you do, let me know.

What do you think of healthy crackers?

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