Personal: me and my tattoos

I get a lot of questions about my tattoos and I’m here to explain exactly why I got these and what they mean to me, let’s get very personal. I mostly decide to get a tattoo when something big in my life happens, something that will have an impact on me because I simply want a reminder of things I might not always remember when I’m aging and creating new experiences.

My very first tattoo.

I got this tattoo the year after I turned eighteen, the legal age in Belgium to get one. I got this one on June 7th of 2012 because that’s my brother’s birthday, this one is very personal and special to me and in honor of the man who taught me so much, my brother.


As you can see it’s simple and pure, my tattoo artist really helped me out with this one and I’m really grateful that he did because it represents the pureness of my brothers heart. There are two dates, representing the day he was born and the day that he was taken from us.


I also got the first letter of his name on my wrist because I felt like that was really important to remind me of how far I’ve come, from the heartbroken 8-year-old to the strong, happy 23-year-old. It reminds me daily of the tragedy but it also reminds me that I’ve come so far.

My second tattoo.

I think I got this a year after I had my first tattoo, in 2013 or 2014. This one represents my love for cats in general, although it’s a bit big to be a cat paw and everyone assumes it’s a dog paw. I love all animals so that doesn’t really matter.


After my first cat got killed by our neighbor’s dog, I was really devastated. It really did hurt and I even had nightmares from the whole experience which made it unable to love cats for a couple of weeks. The day my cat died, my favorite pet chicken also died so you can imagine what kind of a mess I was. I’m still thinking about adding a chicken ‘paw’ but that’s not for now.

My third tattoo.

This is one I regret the most, I didn’t think it through enough. I got this when I was a vegetarian, I was one for five years and had to start eating animals again because I got sick every other week. After that, I decided to start eating vegetarian again. This is when I got the tattoo, it refers to animals. “Live and let live” who are we to decide for animals when they should die if they don’t threaten us?


I’m eating animals again, for personal medic reasons. I try to leave out as many animals as I can and due to my dairy-allergy I’m only eating vegan milk/cheese. I think I look a bit like an idiot eating animals and having something different tattooed on me.

My fourth tattoo.

I got these when I was at a tattoo convention with my sister. I wanted some travel tattoos for a long time, original I was going for a tattoo by Shennaki but she was fully booked for that day. We decided to go for a Dutch artist, I don’t remember the name but the tattoo-artist fucked up.


If you look closely you can still see it, after the healing process I made an appointment with my own tattoo-artist to fix it a bit but, you can only try. He did a great job and I’m forever grateful.

I also got my sister’s birth year on me the day of the convention, again this isn’t a very good tattoo, I’m not proud of it and want to cover it up. I feel like they were really amateurs.


My fifth and last tattoo.

For a very long time, I felt like I wanted to show my parents how important they are to me. I was thinking about a big tattoo but I also want to be able to cover up all of my tattoos which made me go for the small ones I got last March.


Do you have any tattoos or would you like some?

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