Travel: Matala, Crete.

Honey, I’m home! I hope you enjoyed my guest blogger Estelle last week and her talk about the places to eat in Brussels.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I took a small break from social media to explore the offline world. But, now it’s time for an update on what I have been doing the last week in Matala.


Matala is located in the south of Crete, 70 KM from the airport of Heraklion. After visiting this beautiful village for several times with my parents I decided I wanted to show it to my boyfriend. It’s a very beautiful, small and not touristic village with a real hippie vibe, you can still find hippies there living la vida loca.


This is the stunning view on one of the mountains while we were on a hike to Red Beach, a nudist beach that’s just a mountain away from Matala. As you can see it looks very touristic but this is only because the Matala Beach Festival was going on for three days. We escaped the crowd and enjoyed our day hiking, swimming, and tanning.



I loved every bit of our journey but I must say, the Greek food is so delicious and I’m already missing it so much I consider going to a Greek restaurant at the moment.



We mostly ate at a local taverna called ‘Sunset’, be sure to go there when you’re in this village and enjoy your food with a beautiful (sunset) view.

If you’re in Crete, feel comfortable driving and like to explore I definitely recommend going to Matala. I think the best way to see everything is to do the Red Beach hike in the morning, the views are really stunning. After your return, you can eat one of the many delicious Greek specialities at Taverna Sunset. The rest of the day you can sip some cocktails, explore the caves or the beach/sea.

I hope I didn’t make you too jealous with these pictures!

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