My travel essentials

As I’m leaving for my well-deserved vacation this Wednesday I thought it would be lovely to have a look in my suitcase. What are my essentials when traveling? There are certain things I can’t forget so I always print out this list my dad had since I was young.

I got my suitcase from a small tourist shop in Heraklion, Crete because the one I brought got so damaged it couldn’t close anymore. It’s pink as you can see, I’m not loving it but it’s doing its job. So, what’s in my big suitcase?



Of course, there’s more to take with me but these are my essentials. We also got to take a hand luggage (thank God for that) and I always take spare clothes and the things I can’t miss just in case my suitcase gets lost…


I’m also sharing my travel outfit with you on Instagram Wednesday early morning, this needs to be comfortable because I’m small and I always end up crawling in a ball so I can sleep on the plane. But more important, it needs to be good for cold weather (when we leave) and hot weather (when we arrive) a bit of a struggle every time! 

Next week I’m inviting a good friend and instablogger Estelle (@tellamie_) to write a blog post so I can enjoy my vacation 100%


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