Get your tattoo on

It’s almost time for my vacation and I’m always looking forward to getting a henna tattoo. After reading an article about a henna-tattoo from hell I was a bit scared to get one on vacation so I decided to apply one myself at home with Jagua henna.

I ordered a small 10 ML Tube just for experimenting a bit at home, with what design I can and can’t do and learn how to actual apply the henna correctly. I did a lot of research on what I should get and I finally choose a simple design with leaves, the original also contained a flower but I failed so I improvised.

I applied the henna and let it sit for two and a half hours, after that, I washed it away. I was a bit worried because it vanished and with the regular henna tattoos you immediately see results. With this henna, you’ll see results after 12 hours, so I went to bed.

After I woke up I saw I messed it up a lot. The flower that failed was still visible although I washed it off. One leave was visible on the other side of my arm due bending it in my sleep but the worst thing happened: it stained on my face too. I started scrubbing, which hurt a lot, I read a lot of things online but nothing can help ASAP and as I was going for an important lunch in the afternoon I felt really bad. I tried toothpaste, olive oil with salt, coconut oil, scrubbing, steam bath, lemons, … Name it, I tried it.

I wouldn’t try this again because I’m too afraid of going trough the same thing again. I would do this on my foot or an area that can’t touch my face, I’m ready to cry because its staying 2-3 weeks and I’m leaving for vacation in a week and a half.


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