Farm bakery creations

After trying out a Belgian company their granovie, I had the honour to try out a Dutch company their granola called TLANT. I’m not going to discuss the differences because this is not a competition.


I received three packages but they have four in total, due my lactose intolerance I couldn’t try the Shocking Chocolate the other ones also have really fun names like Sneaky Cinnamon, Crumbling Coconut and Whizzy Walnut.

My personal favourite is Sneaky Cinnamon as it has dried cranberries in it, which makes the granola a bit sweeter. I normally always use a flavoured yoghurt but lately I’ve been trying the normal unsweetened yoghurt and add some honey.


I’m loving granola as it delivers long lasting energy for the rest of the day, it’s also very healthy, yum and fills you up till noon! It’s also a fun way to add your daily dose of nuts, which is very good for you and your heart.

Are you already eating granola?

One thought on “Farm bakery creations

  1. jslater129 says:

    Yes I’m already eating granola for breakfast, has I live in the U K I eat Original Granola made by The Oats-So-Good Company I add dried or fresh fruit to it.
    I do not think you can buy Tlant in the U K


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