Monthiversary (GIVE AWAY)

It’s been exactly one month since I published my very first post and that needs to be celebrated! That’s why I’m reviewing and doing two give aways in collaboration with an awesome invention for every girl (or guys with long hair) that’s called PonyDry


We all know the struggle, our hair needs a wash but who can be arsed really? It takes way to long to blow-dry, straighten or curl and after three days, exactly the same again. It even gets dirty faster when you work out every day and it’s really a struggle for every (lazy) girl.

It’s weird that a product like PonyDry hasn’t been invented a long time ago. What exactly is PonyDry? Why wasting an hour or more when it’s really just the roots that need washing? With PonyDry you can keep the length of your hair dry while you wash where it counts… the roots. It’s easy to use and you also reduce the damage of your hair.


Curious how to use it? It’s new, it’s scary and I understand but it’s also fantastic and now I’m down to two hair washes a week, which I’m loving. It’s really easy after you used it one time and you get used to it pretty quickly.

Don’t you just love this invention? Lucky you! I’m giving away two PonyDry’s, which can be shipped worldwide. There are two options, there is a giveaway on Facebook  and there is one on Instagram. You can double your chances and enter both. The rules are easy and they are displayed in the posts.

The winners will be announced next Wednesday on Facebook and Instagram separately.

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