28 Day Body Detox FitVia +DISCOUNT

Didn’t understand a thing of last week’s post? Some of the brands I’m working with only ship to Belgium that’s why these will be written in Dutch.

So, I always wanted to do a body detox as I was very curious about the results, would it actually work? So I decided to give it a try, together with my New Years resolutions (yes, I’m still holding on) which are to eat better, get fit and work out more. I teamed up with fitvia and received three teas and a lovely bamboo bottle (how beautiful is this bottle?!)


I consumed one tea in the morning together with my breakfast. The first two weeks I didn’t notice any difference in my body, but in the middle of week three, I noticed that my stomach was more flat than usual, which was nice to see! I must say, I didn’t trust if it would actually work. I did read a lot of bad reviews from other brands so I’m very happy that I found a detox tea that works, isn’t overly expensive and ships to Belgium, I might even order the 14-day Fit Berry Body Detox to get ready for my vacation in June.


If you want to order something from their website you can get 15% Discount with my promo code: 15KAREN


What are your views on body detoxing?

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