Jumping into the unknown

Hello there,

Welcome to my very first post on my brand new blog, thank you for showing interest, it really means a lot! I’m very excited to write and create this and let you know more about my world. To start, my New Year’s resolutions were mostly the usual, as I’m still working on them one is becoming real the moment you’re reading this (hooray)

Doing things far out of my comfort zone was also one of them. For example, starting my very own blog and creating my very own space where I can talk about everything I want to, to share a piece of me with the world, leave something behind.


Doing something new like ordering prescription glasses online while I know nothing about prescription glasses. I found the website Firmoo that offers very cheap glasses and tbh I thought about it for a month or more before I actually took the step. What if it’s not the right prescription? What if the delivery company damages the glasses? What if it’s not my size or they won’t fit me like I thought they would?


Having already a prescription pair of glasses made it easier to find the right frame size. If you don’t, it’s going to be a bit harder to order but you can always measure it by yourself. I went to an eye doctor to get the prescription and uploaded it with a picture because it wasn’t all clear to me what to fill in and if I did it wrong it was my responsibility. This was my biggest fear, that they read the prescription wrong but they did great and I’m seeing everything in very high quality right now.


I finally decided on the designs of the frames that I really liked, I wanted something new, something classy and still comfortable. I went for two pairs because it was buy one get one free. My first choice was this one, for daily outside use, my second one I use at home. Considering I pay over €100 for just one pair of glasses here in Belgium, this was a very good deal for nearly half of the price for two pairs.


The shipping to Belgium is more as regular (€16.40) but it’s still a very good deal to get a pair of glasses. I placed my order and it got delivered only a week later, which is very fast, maybe even faster then the stores in Belgium. I’m thinking about ordering a pair of prescription sunglasses soon but I’m waiting for new pairs as I don’t really like the ones in the store right now.

What do you think of my new glasses and which pair do you prefer?

4 thoughts on “Jumping into the unknown

  1. Tellamie_ says:

    I like the smaller ones the most, well I mean the ones where the glasses are smaller. I like your article ❤ It’s well written, your English is really good! I wish you the best with this blog hunney 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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